Journey Further's Jonny Longden and SiteSpect's Luke Hardwick discuss the importance of experimentation and examples of real-world tests.

Anyone who has ever seriously run experiments on websites knows there is really only one true 'best practice' - test everything! The most seemingly obvious 'no-brainers' can and will fail dramatically. Conversely, the things that you think will never work can have a dramatic positive impact.

Hear from Jonny Longden on how and why you should remove opinion and guess-work from your decision making and put experimentation at the heart of everything you do to develop your website.

We will cover:

1. Real world examples of tests, which do the opposite of what most would expect
2. Why true experimentation is different from 'CRO' if you want to test everything
3. How to adapt and scale a data-driven web development process

Over the last 13 years Jonny has helped the likes of Sky, Visa, Nike, O2, Mvideo, Principal Hotels, and Nokia put analytics and experimentation at the heart of their digital innovation and engineering. And today, he now runs the conversion agency and consulting arm of Journey Further.

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