#1: SiteSpect is Faster

If anything matters while optimizing your digital channels, it’s that your digital channels work. A solution that causes poor performance isn’t optimizing your site, and that’s the number one complaint we hear from VWO users. With VWO you’re left with either flicker or slow page loading times, and that just doesn’t work. Faster sites convert, and SiteSpect is the only solution that does not cause flicker or latency. Rather than another version of what you’re already struggling with, SiteSpect sits directly in the flow of traffic. No matter how many campaigns you run, you can be sure your site will perform well and run smoothly.


#2: Purpose Built for SPAs

VWO just doesn’t work on SPAs. If you have a Single Page App, you’re going to need a better solution. SiteSpect is the only solution built to work for your SPA, no matter the framework, like React and Angular. With SiteSpect you have the full suite of capabilities, including use of our Visual Editor, on your SPA. Many companies switch to SiteSpect from VWO because they need an SPA solution, and SiteSpect is the only solution that provides the same advanced optimization capabilities whether you’re on a traditional website or an SPA.


#3: Run More Campaigns, Make More Money

Many VWO customers complain that every campaign takes too long and too many resources to get up and running. When they do, they’re limited in the sophistication of their experiments and the number of campaigns they can run concurrently. SiteSpect users move quicker, and marketers and developers can both create campaigns without the heavy lifting development workarounds that VWO requires. SiteSpect users can build and execute tests quicker, and can allow users in multiple campaigns at once while ensuring no conflicting campaign overlap. You run more tests and get more out of your traffic with SiteSpect.

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