#1: SiteSpect is Faster

The number one complaint from Optimizely customers before they switch to SiteSpect is that it causes flicker and latency. Optimizely offers best practices to minimize these hurdles (like Performance Edge), but the truth is that if you depend on content-changing JavaScript tags to test an experience you’re going to see a drop in performance. Optimizely customers see 500ms of latency at best, and that’s only with the additional purchase of Edge.  SiteSpect users see lower latency while running hundreds of campaigns, and that's out of the box, no up-sell required.


#2: Visual Editor for SPAs

Optimizely just doesn’t work well on SPAs. If you have a Single Page App, you’re going to need a better solution. SiteSpect is the only solution built to work for your SPA, no matter the framework, like React and Angular. With SiteSpect you have the full suite of capabilities, including use of our Visual Editor, on your SPA. Many companies switch to SiteSpect from Optimizely because they need an SPA solution, and SiteSpect is the only solution that provides the same advanced optimization capabilities whether you’re on a traditional website or an SPA.

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#3: Dedicated Consulting Team

Once you're on board with Optimizely you’re on your own. When you work with SiteSpect, you’re also working with a dedicated, expert optimization consultant and implementation specialist. Need help planning your testing strategy? Analyzing your data? Building tests? We’ve got you covered. If you have a question or a problem, you’ll talk to someone right away who is dedicated to your account, who knows your process, and your priorities.

Most of our clients have a weekly meeting with their optimization consultant to ensure that they’re getting the most value out of SiteSpect’s abilities. From on-site trainings, to building experiments and more, SiteSpect can support you at any level. Give your consultant the occasional call, or welcome them as an extension of your team. We help you develop a mature, sophisticated optimization program, from wherever you are.

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