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#1: Test Everything

With Adobe you can run client-side tests on your web or mobile site, but you miss out on the core functional optimization that really drives conversions and revenue. SiteSpect offers the full gamut of client- and server-side testing. This allows you to move beyond simple tests like image swaps and into server-side features like search algorithms, recommendation engines, or shipping price thresholds. These are huge sources of revenue for businesses in all industries. 


#2: Purpose Built for SPAs

Adobe Target just doesn’t work on SPAs. If you have a Single Page App, you’re going to need a better solution. SiteSpect is the only solution built to work for your SPA, no matter the framework, like React and Angular. With SiteSpect you have the full suite of capabilities, including use of our Visual Editor, on your SPA. Many companies switch to SiteSpect from Adobe Target because they need an SPA solution, and SiteSpect is the only solution that provides the same advanced optimization capabilities whether you’re on a traditional website or an SPA.

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#3: Dedicated Consulting Team

With Adobe Target, your contact with support probably looks something like this: something breaks, you call a generic help number, you get a generic solution from someone who doesn’t know your site, and maybe you get a tedious workaround. With SiteSpect we partner with you every step of the way, to any level of support you need. And, since your dedicated Optimization Consultant works with you, they help with things like creating an optimization roadmap, working with complex analytics, or ramping up the volume of your campaigns.

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