Position Overview

SiteSpect is a unique and market leading digital optimization platform that lets you A/B and MVT test or target your web/mobile traffic without having to change any code on your site. We are looking for new talent to make our awesome team even more awesome. As a team, we strive for maximum customer satisfaction. That means that we will go the extra mile to make sure our customers get the maximum results when using SiteSpect.

As Platform Engineer, you play an important role in this by working closely with our European customers. Periodical technical calls, probably a couple of on-site visits per year (both national and international) and remote support and guidance, whatever works to make customers satisfied. In this role, you will be responsible for providing strategic and technical support to build and maintain success throughout our customers’ lifecycle. This is an ideal
position for someone who enjoys both a technical challenge, personal development and the opportunity to work closely with technical professionals.

What a typical day may look like for you

  • After our daily stand up meeting, in which we share the tasks & challenges that lie ahead of us, you and your colleagues check the incoming technical support tickets and pick up the tasks, in order to get the most out of the day.
  • Your responsibility is to make sure that all SiteSpect systems are up and running as they should be. We achieve this by having various monitoring tools and alerts. So you should keep an eye on incoming alerts and act accordingly.
  • Now it’s time that you will be working on small projects like SiteSpect cluster expansion or SiteSpect server/application upgrades. This needs to be scheduled with the client and executed so that end user traffic is not impacted.
  • By now, it’s time for lunch. When working from home, this is entirely up to you of course. Maybe you want to hit the gym or go for a walk? When we are in the office, we sometimes go for sandwiches or fish. Whatever we are craving.
  • After lunch, it may be time for one of our periodic technical calls with another customer to improve/expand the existing technical setup. It could be anything from the load balancer/CDN (F5, Akamai, CloudFront) to client web server.
  • A colleague asks you to have a quick chat where he is seeing weird behaviour on the website. Since you’re very familiar with the entire traffic flow, you have quickly become the go-to person for these kinds of questions.
  • Since you work closely with our US team in Boston, you may need to attend weekly calls in the afternoon to discuss any interesting challenges you had with our clients and listen back on their challenges.
  • Almost the end of the day. A quick check on any new tickets which may require some response, nothing too much. Time to close down for the day and spend time with friends and family.

These skills will help you become successful in this role

  • Your level of English is sufficient to use on a daily basis with both colleagues and customers. Other languages, such as German or Spanish, are a plus but not required.
  • Working in a team is something you enjoy, though you also can be very productive on your own. You see things that can be improved to make the team even better and will share them with the team.
  • You are (getting more and more) comfortable with talking to customers. Since the work requires a lot of collaboration there will be technical meetings with customers either for new implementation or enhancement of existing implementation, both online and on-site.
  • You can be creative in finding the right solution for every challenge we throw at you. It does not always need to be the conventional solution, as long as it helps to reach the goal. Unconventional is sometimes a great solution!
  • You love to automate stuff. We don't like to do the same task again and again manually. We strive to find a way to automate it. It may be that initially you spend hours automating, but it's worth it in the end.
  • You enjoy finding the needle in a haystack and love the challenge of solving the puzzles that could happen in troubleshooting a technical issue.
  • You are willing to learn the specific requirements and goals to improve SiteSpect, it could be from achieving AWS or Kubernetes Certifications or up to attending a public cloud symposium. We will help you to align with those goals.
  • You understand that websites need to be fast & performant and keep this in mind with everything you do. When you spot something that could be improved, you share this with the client, even if it’s outside of SiteSpect.

What do you get in return?

  • Competitive compensation, bonus plan, pension options and 26 vacation days (based on a full-time position).
  • You get to be part of the greatest team in the world, but of course you need to experience that by yourself. Don’t just take our word for it.
  • A lot of opportunities to grow your knowledge and skill set. We encourage learning, both in formal and informal ways. You should be the one who decides how you learn! As a team we try to create & maintain the perfect environment to get the most out of everyone on the team.
  • A lot of responsibility and flexibility. If you need to re-arrange your day to make it fit some personal tasks, great. You should take the lead on that! We all share the same goal here. Happy SiteSpect-ers will result in happy customers!
  • Working from home mixed with working from our office in Breukelen. We’ll find a schedule that works out for you and the team.

Location: Breukelen, the Netherlands

Interested candidates should email their resume (PDF) to info-eu@sitespect.com