If your digital channels include Single Page Apps (SPA) or Progressive Web Apps (PWA) you need a testing solution that integrates across frameworks and that executes both server side and client side testing. SiteSpect integrates with every SPA framework, including React and Angular, providing full services no matter your SPA library. Further, non-technical users can design variations on SiteSpect’s Visual Editor, and run both client and server side variations within one campaign.

optimize your SPA and PWA

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SiteSpect Equips Companies with the Tools to:

  • Generate accurate and reliable analytics across SPA, PWA, and other frameworks
  • Optimize and test across any SPA framework
  • Test both server side and client side within the same campaign
  • Design and implement variations without requiring development resources
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We Deliver

We deliver the widest variety of testing from the lowest to the highest frequencies and spanning from the front-end to the back-end. Each idea undergoes validation in order to ensure superior customer experience.


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Visual Editor

With SiteSpect’s intuitive, interactive Visual Editor, anyone can set up optimization and testing across an organization’s digital properties. As a result, every team can easily create and launch tests to discover answers to their optimization questions.