SiteSpect is focused on customer experience testing and personalization, with the ability to test changes and personalize across web, app and mobile. Review the outlined SiteSpect strengths below and read what customers have to say about us on Gartner Peer Insights!


#1: Testing and Experimentation: Consistent Experience Across Devices

SiteSpect offers A/B, Multivariate and MAB testing across web, app and mobile, with a visual editor that enables you to design, A/B test, personalize, and optimize the customer experience without any knowledge of coding languages. There is also no latency and no flicker as experiences are adjusted server-side rather than in the browser. Visit our Testing page and Personalization page for more details.


#2: Analytics: Better Data = Better Decisions

When you’re optimizing your site, the quality of that data is crucial. SiteSpect’s patented approach provides accurate and reliable data you can trust. We do A/B testing without relying on JavaScript tags to set user cookies. SiteSpect sets these cookies server-side and not in the browser with JavaScript, so the data is always accurate and does not hinder the user experience.  SiteSpect is also the only optimization solution not affected by browser protection changes. Visit our Better Data page and Analytics page for more details.


#3: Comprehensive Support: From Implementation to Results

SiteSpect offers a dedicated optimization team, always-on in-house customer support and training for all clients. SiteSpect is consistently recognized as a more robust customer support offering than other optimization and personalization platforms. Visit our Partner With an Expert page for more details.

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